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Resellers Panel is a disgrace. I have been with them since 8/2004 and have had countless issues with both employees and management.

In December 2007, I was going to switch from the free program to the cPanel program. I asked all the right questions, paid 6 months in advance ($306) and once the account was setup, I was told no overselling. No overselling! What? What good is a cPanel reseller account that does not allow overselling. Needless to say, I ask them to cancel the account and refund the $306. I was told they could cancel the account, no problem. However, since I paid more than two months in advance they would not refund. Huh? Well, after filing several complaints and citing the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, I got my refund.

Similar situation on 3/11/2008. I am moving my customers to a new reseller account with a more reputable company and somehow this customer was able to renew their hosting account although I turned off the feature in the hosting control panel. At any rate, I had to bill the customer and move his account. Since the account was paid on 3/7/08, the customer was due a refund by Resellers Panel [LiquidNet, LTD.] and they said NO. Once again. citing the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 got his refund.

Stay away from Resellers Panel [aka LiquidNet, LTD,,]

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