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Jerry Brennan ( jerry@s... )
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For several years we have hosted this site with media3 in a shared environment. We have SQL, Coldfusion and Frontpage also tied to our site. I really liked the reliability and the customer service up until about 1 year ago. It was nice to call and get someone on the phone on a Sunday evening. Not sure what happened as we started having a number of issues that stopped our customers from using the site. Sometimes it was the SQL server other times the frontpage extensions not working. This was all without any changes being done from our end. The concern I have is that while Media3 did correct the issue, the fact the I had to call and tell them there was a problem with their server and/or software does not seem pro active. Recently, it took over twenty four hours to get in contact with anyone from Media three when a fully SQL transaction log prevented our site from working. This was the second time in a week (both on Friday evenings) that this error occurred. Because of email issues last year, we moved all our email capabilities to a separtate exchange account with another company. Since our business is based on Customers having access to the data they pay for, we will be looking at other options.

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