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Charles Lee ( -no email- )
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I had been a lunarpages' customer for almost 10 years, but I finally decided to move out. Here are the things I can list out regarding the bad services lunarpages have:

1. The server is often down for hours.

2. They will shut down your website with a notice: You used too much usage and violate our policy. But they do not provide a tool for a client to monitor the usage. So you never know next day or next minute your usage is high or low. In other words, you never know when they will shut down your website. I had a website on their server and was suspended by them twice. Each time Google Analyst just recorded less than 1000 visits per day, but Lunarpages told me that my website used too much usage! And they did not give you any time to look into what happened, but just suspend your website right way, with a suggestion: move the website to "our dedicated server". I wonder if this is their strategy to suspend a website randomly, and hold it as hold a hostage, and force people to buy their expensive hosting plans. Because once they suspended your website, they will slowly respond to your requests. They don't care your business. You cry and beg them to put your website back. This will take one or two weeks to get your website back. If you are running business, this is a disaster.

3. If you want to move out? OK, Lunarpages won't refund the money because they can always find an excuse.

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