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After leaving my previous web host (Interland), I signed up for hosting with Lunarpages. As with any budget web host, they were not perfect (none of them are), but they did provide me with reliable service for several years. Once things started to decline, they went downhill fast!!

It started out with a few minutes of downtime here and there. After paying for a site monitor service for 90 days, I discovered my site experienced some downtime EVERY DAY. When I confronted LP with this information, they dismissed me and told me my data was in error. Shortly after that, I began having difficulties accessing my email. A few weeks later, I was advised that my account had been moved to a new server due to "capacity issues". It was at that point that things really took a turn for the worse.

I had six months left on my contract but pointed my sites elsewhere. I called them to have AutoRenewal disabled, which they said they did. Two months before the renewal was supposed to happen, my credit card got charged.

One of my biggest complaints about LP was the utter lack of communication. Once I notified them of my cancellation, I started receiving "System Notifications" about scheduled maintenance and downtime. I also received several notifications of "vulnerable scripts" found in my account and DEMANDING that I remove them ... or face "account suspension". I had already received a notification that my account had been deleted and attempts to access my [former] account were futile. After several phone calls and emails, I finally talked to someone who told me my account was not deleted; it was simply disabled ... and would remain as such until the term of my contract ran out. It was a long six months!!

Funny, how they refused to communicate with me when I was a "valued customer", but chose to SPAM me week after week once I notified them that I was leaving. If you are looking for someone to host your web site, stay away from Lunarpages!

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