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Jim Mahoney ( jim@j... )
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I had been a happy client for years. Suddenly, however, over the last few months the service has degraded to the point of uselessness, at least for me. I'm past the age where I care a great deal about my website, having only occasional use for it. I am primarily an email user.

When the service began to degrade, I experienced a huge increase in spam. I am approaching 250 spam messages a day and climbing. When I contacted LP, the said, "no problem just give us another $100+ and we'll upgrade your spam protection." The fee was for the balance of my agreement, and would of course add to the renewal fee. I passed, finding a much less costly and effective alternative.

Over the same period, I experienced connection problems with the email server. LP outsources this help to Romania, with predictable results. Like a determined weed, this problem recurs with distressing frequency.

Yesterday, after having my emails kicked back for over a week because the LP server was blacklisted, LP very helpfully offered to upgrade me to MS Exchange service for a piddling $118/year. The alternative is waiting for the Romanians to do something. Tick,,,tick...tick.

This morning after experiencing another server connection problem, I tried contacting tech support. LP offers a callback service because they no longer have adequate tech staff to support their clientele. This was my third experience with that service. When I answered, no one was there. On their behalf I will say that yesterday, after the second attempt I actually talked with a tech rep. Of course no one was on the line with the earlier call.

If you are looking to pay for frustration and petty annoyance, I'm hard pressed to recommend a more pitiful operation that what LP has become. Perhaps the DMV?

Maybe it's just me, but since my experience is all I have to go on, I would avoid this outfit like typhoid Mary.

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