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jen ( jen@a... )
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I have been faithfully with Lunarpages for over 7 years. Today was the 7th time (at least) that I called regarding mass spam on my email account.
The support rep I talked to on the phone was snippy and not comprehensive of my issue, insisting that I have a virus on my computer. Well, I have this issue with my email regardless of WHICH computer I am using.
Bottom line came that he suggested that I find a better email provider that actually pays for bettering filtering. He actually suggested gmail and said that I could transfer my email account to gmail.
What was irritating is that he continued to treat me like an idiot. As if, after five years of spam, I couldn't tell him a thing or two with some knowledge.
It does appear that there is some bot or the like that tracks my google searches. Within 24 hours of any google search, sure enough I have spam email pertaining to that search. But, he said that this is impossible and spoke like a true genius. Puh-leeze! Just get you email system fixed and filtering corrected....

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