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I was disgraced by lunarpages after a small misunderstanding. I created and hosted a website similar to for a few months along with about 5 other websites (nothing special, read only ones). Then all of a sudden my account got suspended and ALL my sites were taken offline!

I asked why and they said it was because i had a file hosting script on my site (the script that allowed people to upload files and view them on my site). They also said in the same email that my account has been permanently suspended and i will get the remaining year of my hosting refunded. Then within 24 hours they had not replied to ANY of my 3 emails to them and they refunded my money to a card number that no longer exists! i can not get any contact with them now and i can not get access to 5 domain names they registered for me!

They have totally crippled my websites leaving me in the dark and being ignorant about it not even waiting for my reasoning or anything! Total disrespect and i will never be using them again! I have been with them for over 3 years and I am now switching to bluehost.

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