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Robert ( Robert_Basilious@y... )
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If you want to make the BIGGEST mistake of your life, sign up to 1and1. DO NOT GO NEAR 1AND1. This has to be the worst company on the planet. Their products and services sound too good to be true - because that are too good to be true.

This company is built of robbing clients. Poor server uptime, non-existant support. If you call their "24 hour" support, you will be put through to a call centre in the Phillipines where a computer illeterate poorly trained individual will read you answers off their FAQ. If you ask a question that is too hard for them, they will hang up on you, or re-read an irrelevant answer off their FAQ.

They will charge your credit card imaginary amounts and it takes hours on the phone to have these false charges removed.

If you then try to transfer away from them, they will hold your domains hostage, and make it impossible.

1and1 are COMPLETELY useless. Useless customer support, useless billing department, unethical games and tricks to charge you more again and again.

If there is one decision I could ever go back and change, it would be to go back to the day I signed up with 1and1, and simply jump off a clif instead. That would have been less painful in hindsight.

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