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I was very happy with Interserver, but like many others, in time they have changed , for worse!

I find Interserver behavior extremely unprofessional and here is why:

1. They changed inode limits without warning
2. As a result my sites went down and I lost a lot of money
3. Explanation I got:

“Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Earlier , We used to increase the inodes limit upon customer request. Unfortunately, due to this custom changes made we noticed that customers are abusing the inodes usage to host their personal data. Henceforth, We have updated our inodes limit for all the accounts on the server.”


A. Why am I supposed to pay for other people’s wrongdoings?
B. Why was I not at least informed of inodes change prior to taking my sites down?

4. When I clearly stated what I am not happy about it and that I’ll go elsewhere, they did nothing to correct their wrongdoings, just repeatedly asked me to upgrade while keeping my sites down.


I left (I am sure I am not the only one)


Stay away! There is no a business or any relationship without trust!

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