Helio Host negative review #6957 by tom (ldiglum02@s...) on Oct 2009

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Helio Host
7018 117th Pl NE
Kirkland , WA 98033
Tel +1 425 739 9380
Customer review #6957
tom ( ldiglum02@s... )
Time Hosted 6 mo. to 1 year
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Customer Relation
sadly one of the worst hosts I ever had. Still wondering if it their free hosting is a big scam. In the last month they were more down than up and your account gets deleted without warning - even if there is an obligation to log in and they are down most of the time so there is no way to log in they shut down your account and all your work like uploading is gone ... and even when you log in - they delete your free account anyway - I logged in yesterday for the last time and today my account was deleted because I had not logged in for three month (my 2nd account is not even 3 three month old since I wanted to give them another chance after the mega downtime and deleing of my first account which could have been a honest mistake). The second removal lets me think their free hosting ist a scm to get people to buy in their paid hosting. And they do not have any contact via email or contact form - you have to psot your problems on their second site in a forum. So if you want a host for longer than 1 month and that is more on than offline and whom you can contact when you've got questions or problems - don't even bother to think about heliohost.

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