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Customer review #6966
Emmett Moore ( emmett@p... )
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I signed up for a Demo Account last March. Was welcomed aboard with a free $100 dollar credit for service. But in order to get the credit, you need to give a valid credit card number, which I did. This was a huge mistake and the beginning of a nightmare...

Several months later, I received an $856 dollar bill for services rendered. I promptly contacted GoGrid and was told that I had deployed a server. NO SERVER WAS EVER DEPLOYED BY ME. The customer support person, David Michael told me that the company had deployed a server in my name and only I could cancel the server and cancel my account. However, in order to do this, I need to sign into my account and make the technical changes. When I signed into the account, no server had ever been deployed. As strange as this company is, the story gets even stranger.

I next contacted American Express who stopped any further charges from GoGrid. However, the company accountant Tim wrote a completely fabricated document to American Express saying that I not only owed them $856, but that my server was still deployed and that they demanded yet more payment.

So, now I am working my way through the small claims court in hopes bringing this terrible company to justice.

If you are thinking about using this company, BEWARE. The left hand has no idea what the right is hand is doing. There are plenty of reputable companies available, and sadly this company isnt what they advertise themselves as.

Emmett Moore

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