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Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
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I too was bit by the free $100 scam
Don't fall for it, they take your credit card and bill you for phantom services. Worse, their security stinks and while a customer, they were hacked and my CC and personal data released to the wild. Turned out that was a good thing since i had to shut down the card and GoGrid couldn't hit that card with any new/fraudulant charges.
-anonymous- (-no email-) / none
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
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Go Grid has a really bad and unreliable network
Go Grid has a really bad and unreliable network. We had to endure 15 hr network outages. Some cloud VM were unstable and would crash couple of times a week. Stay away from GoGrid.
ajlst21 (-no email-) / stockfuel.com
Time Hosted: over 3 years
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GoGrid is a piece of crap!
Worst hosting service and support provider, I've ever been associated with, paying over $500 / month and their servers do nothing but crap out and on a repeated basis! They lie and create probles for no reason.
gogrid.com logo!


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About GoGrid

GoGrid is the cloud hosting division of ServePath Dedicated Hosting, a company with extensive expertise and experience in web hosting infrastructure. The ServePath team wanted to develop a new kind of hosting solution to address the scaling needs of today’s businesses. Over the years, we have seen some of the limitations with dedicated servers and managed hosting. Virtual servers have been around for awhile and always seemed like a good idea, but somehow they always seemed to be not good enough. Through our experience in the dedicated server hosting market, extensive R&D in Xen-based grid technology, and needs of the many rapidly growing companies we serve, the answer became clear.

The answer is GoGrid, the first multi-tier, cloud computing platform that allows you to manage your cloud hosting infrastructure completely on demand through an intuitive, web interface.

ServePath is a leading dedicated server provider and pioneer in providing customers leading edge multi-server Internet architectures. We are based in San Francisco where we operate our own data center and manage thousands of servers for customers all over the world. We have been in business for six years, but before that our founders ran a successful Internet access ISP that started back in 1995.

So we are a nice group of people, and we also know how to provide powerful Internet hosting services to businesses that need reliability, customization and speed.

GoGrid is the next generation of these services. Get powerful dedicated resources on a cloud computing architecture that you can buy as you need. Once you try the GoGrid cloud hosting you will never go back to the traditional way of deploying servers and building complex load balanced networks.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
ServePath is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with competencies in Advanced Infrastructure and Networking Infrastructure Solutions. The Microsoft Gold certification recognizes ServePath's expertise and impact in the technology marketplace.

GoGrid's data center was built by WorldCom in 2000. The building also houses “super-nodes” for MCI and AT&T local phone service in San Francisco, so it is considered an “essential” facility because 911 calls are routed here. We share generators, power, cooling, and fire suppression infrastructure with MCI (formerly World com), including dual 2 Megawatt generators that support the critical power requirements and operations of the building.

The highlights:

* ServePath Facilities - established, profitable company, with excellent business track record
* Fire Safety - a grid of "VESDA" AnaLASER laser smoke sensors, with 200 located on the ceiling and 200 located under the raised floor
* Power Failures Contingencies - dual 2 Megawatt generators (that also support critical MCI phone equipment) with 20,000 gallons of reserve diesel fuel on site
* Network Connections - OC-12 and Gigabit connections from UUNet, Level 3, NTT/Verio, AboveNet, and peer with 40 networks at PAIX
* World-wide Server Hardware Power - several thousand dedicated servers in more than 100 countries worldwide
* Network Operations Center (NOC) - state-of-the-art monitoring system controlling everything from network traffic and performance to power, temperature and security systems to services, applications, known vulnerabilities and RAID array status on customer servers
* Seismically Retrofitted Building - extra-thick, reinforced concrete, Marine Corps engineered building with seismic retrofits; deemed an essential facility due to handling 911 calls.

Network Operations Center

GoGrid's Network Operations Center (NOC) is built right in the center of our data center floor, and is staffed 24/7/365 by certified systems administrators and network engineers. The 21 screens that make up our NOC monitor everything from network traffic and performance to power, temperature and security systems to services, applications, known vulnerabilities and RAID array status on customer servers.

* Large on-site NOC with 24/7 Engineers
* Real-time monitoring and alerts for all critical systems
* Customer level service and application monitoring

Building Construction

Our data center is located in the San Francisco Telecom Center, conveniently located just south of San Francisco’s Financial District. This 100% occupied telecom building also houses AT&T and MCI super nodes. The building was originally built in 1924 as a Marine Corps Depot for heavy equipment, so the five story structure is built of extra-thick, reinforced cast-in-place concrete. The building was seismically retrofitted in 1999 to convert the existing warehouse into a Telecom Center in accordance with San Francisco’s Uniform Building Code, and then retrofitted a second time to exceed those standards by tenants AT&T and MCI in accordance with their stringent telecom carrier standards.

* Secure building originally used for storage of military tanks and equipment
* Built on an outcropping of solid bedrock that also supports a tower of the Bay Bridge
* Seismically retrofit in 1999 to meet rigorous City of San Francisco building codes, then retrofit extensively by MCI again
* Six separate fiber entrances with 2 fiber rooms. A large portion of the Bay Bridge Fiber Consortium terminates in the building (cross-bay Fiber)
* State-of-the-art redundant systems for power, HVAC, fiber connectivity, seismic precautions and fire suppression

Fire Suppression

Our state-of-the-art fire suppression has three levels of protection. Halon fire extinguishers are located throughout the data center. We also have a two stage TotalPac double interlocked dry-pipe preaction system, with tightly defined zones to isolate and extinguish any fires without affecting surrounding areas. This system must detect both smoke and heat to be triggered. The data center is protected by a grid of 200 sensors on the ceiling and 200 under the raised floor plus "VESDA" AnaLaser-brand laser smoke sensors that are 10,000 times more sensitive than conventional smoke detectors and capable of detecting incipient smoldering. The system is monitored 24 x 7 on-site and off-site by both GoGrid and MCI NOCs.

* Halon Fire Extinguishers
* VESDA laser smoke detection with dry pipe suppression
* Tightly defined preaction zones for localized fire extinguishing
* Monitored and maintained by both GoGrid and MCI


The San Francisco Telecom Center where our data center is located maintains the highest possible standards for physical security. This facility is home to only three tenants, MCI, AT&T and GoGrid, and is equipped with state-of-the-art video and audio monitoring equipment and 24 x 7 on-site guards. All people entering the building are required to register with the security office and leave a valid ID while in the building. Those not on the access list are not allowed into the building without an escort. We check in visitors a second time prior to entry into our data center on the second floor. The GoGrid NOC is staffed 24 x 365 and is afforded a direct line-of-site view into the data center.

* 24 x 7 security guards at front entrance
* Secondary check-in at our second floor data center
* 24 x 7 systems administrators / NOC on the data center floor


GoGrid has tremendous cooling infrastructure, with dual redundant chilled water supply loops and multiple Liebert air conditioning units pumping cold air into the pressurized raised floor of our data center. Chilled water is provided by the roof cooling towers, which also provide chilled water for MCI’s critical systems. Additional chilled water supply and return valves are already plumbed every thirty feet along the perimeter of our data center, allowing for rapid installation of additional Liebert units should increased cooling capacity be required.

* n+1 Liebert VACs w/n+1 supply loops and chillers
* Up to 300 tons of cooling capacity that runs on MCI’s chilled water systems
* Raised floor system for efficient distribution of cooling


Our data center power is fed by conditioned UPS (uninterruptible power supply) electricity, with redundant feeds from dual 2 Megawatt generators that also support critical MCI phone switches. One generator can power the entire building for several days time, and there is 20,000 gallons of reserve diesel fuel on site. These generators are tested monthly per stringent MCI protocols, and every third month the power is disconnected from the two utility feeds to ensure proper generator operation.

* Redundant power feeds with UPS power
* 2 x 2 megawatt generators that also power MCI’s local phone switches
* 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel on site, hot-refill ready

Fiber and Bandwidth Providers

GoGrid operates its own screaming-fast network™, featuring multi-homed bandwidth with connections to over 40 networks. We route traffic over major Tier 1 Internet backbones such as UUNet, Level 3, NTT/Verio, AboveNet and PAIX, with no low-quality bandwidth and plenty of network capacity for maximum reliability and scalability.

* Six separate building fiber entrances with 2 fiber rooms. The Bay Bridge Fiber Consortium terminates in the building (cross-bay Fiber).
* GoGrid has 2 separate fiber entrances on different streets (both Spear and Harrison) for an additional layer of redundancy
* Current Transit routed by GoGrid:
o MCI Gig-E and OC-12
o IP Networks Gig-E (NTT/Verio)
o 2 x AboveNet Gig-E
o Yipes Gig-E (Level 3)
o Peering with over 40+ networks at PAIX
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PriceDisk space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
X-Small  $18.00/mo.25 GBunmetered
Small  $36.00/mo.50 GBunmetered
Medium  $72.00/mo.100 GBunmetered
Large  $145.00/mo.200 GBunmetered
X-Large  $290.00/mo.400 GBunmetered
XX-Large  $580.00/mo.800 GBunmetered
XXX-Large  $870.00/mo.800 GBunmetered

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ISP Name / ISP URL: DataPipe Inc. / datapipe.com (inactive)

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News / Press release

GoGrid and Cloudera Launch 1-Button Deploy™ Trifacta Solution - GoGrid, an infrastructure-as-a-service leader specializing in multi-cloud solutions, today announced the launch of its 1-Button Deploy™ Trifacta solution that provides a fast and easy way for companies to try out Cloudera combined with the cutting-edge data analytics solution. The new offering builds on GoGrid's partnership with Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop™, by allowing businesses to begin using the data analytics provider Trifacta with Cloudera's open-source distribution including Apache Hadoop in a few hours.
With GoGrid's 1-Button Deploy™ orchestration, businesses are now able to immediately deploy a free trial of Cloudera ...
ServePath Launches GoGrid Beta - Managed hosting provider ServePath (servepath.com) announced on Wednesday it has launched the GoGrid (gogrid.com) commercial beta, the first server hosting provider to deliver static IP addresses, full root and administrator access, private networks and web-controlled load balancing.
The launch of GoGrid invites any system administrator with a credit card to sign up for free. In return, they will receive rapid access to the first ever, Web-based system for purchasing, deploying, managing, load-balancing and instantly expanding complex, multi-server Internet architectures. GoGrid, which is based on a per-hour RAM-based usage billing model, is a new approach to rapid vertical and horizontal
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About: GoGrid, a Datapipe Company, is a Global Leader in Hybrid & Cloud Infrastructure hosting. GoGrid enables sysadmins, developers, and IT professionals to create, deploy, and control dynamic load balanced cloud infrastructures and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root access/administrative server control. GoGrid physical and virtual server instances maintain industry standard specifications with no requirement to learn proprietary standards. Deploying GoGrid infrastructure takes minutes via a web control panel or GoGrid’s API. GoGrid gives users the control of a familiar datacenter environment with the flexibility and immediate scalability of the cloud.
GoGrid (established 2001) is a Privately Held entity having 1913 followers on LinkedIn and 51-200 employees, industry Internet.
https://www.datapipe.com/blog/ Blog added on February, 2012, with total 112 articles, Language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- Factors that set successful cloud partners apart from their peers - Businesses around the world are flocking en masse to the world of managed cloud hosting in the hope that they can implement more effective IT systems. Cloud solutions are inherently cheaper for ...
- Clear understanding needed for effective cloud security - The average person's awareness and knowledge of cloud computing has advanced tremendously in a very short period of time. Less than a decade ago, the cloud was a mysterious concept to most ...
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Jaosn Audrey (oscaddons@g...) / oscaddons.com
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
threatened to arrest me
gogrid collections department is shady. they threatened to have the federal government arrest me if i don't pay my bill. they charged me $200 after i cancelled service. their terms of service doesn't make since, and pretty much you're a slave to them when you sign that thing. if you're smart, you won't take it and call the police on them.
Claude (claude@b...) / none
Time Hosted: under 1 month
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
SCAM - Billing Issue For Pay As You Go
was charged for 8 IPs that were never ordered, then several days later I tried three time to cancel my account with no response. I then checked my Usage page and instead of 8 IPs listed there were 24 IPs. So I guess I will be charged for 24 IPs next month..

Absolute SCAMMERS...

No one replies to emails either..
Clyde Williams (clyde.williams@y...) / na
Time Hosted: under 1 month
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I have been trying for 2 weeks to become a gogrid partner. The sales rep will not return my calls. I've written him several time and he refuses to answer my questions.

Gogrid does not seem very well managed at all.
Shannon Whitley (swhitley@w...) / mytweeple.com
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I've been running production applications with GoGrid for over a year and have recently moved another large application from EC2 onto GoGrid. I am extremely pleased with the GoGrid services and have experienced absolutely no downtime while using them.

Although I am writing this review as a customer, I need to disclose that I have recently become a reseller of GoGrid services. As the saying goes, "I believe in them so much -- I bought the company."

GoGrid is not perfect, and I've provided realistic ratings on this review, but I've been through a lot of server hosts. From my experience, GoGrid is the best. The service is prompt and the prices are good. I highly recommend them.
Zeljko Kunica (zeljko.kunica@g...)
Time Hosted: under 1 month
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I also had the same experience as Emmett Moore, but in my case i saw a history of a machine that was online for only a few days and made over 600 Gb of traffic.
Seems like someone has cracked their system and is using it for internet attacks and spamming.
Emmett Moore (emmett@p...)
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I signed up for a Demo Account last March. Was welcomed aboard with a free $100 dollar credit for service. But in order to get the credit, you need to give a valid credit card number, which I did. This was a huge mistake and the beginning of a nightmare...

Several months later, I received an $856 dollar bill for services rendered. I promptly contacted GoGrid and was told that I had deployed a server. NO SERVER WAS EVER DEPLOYED BY ME. The customer support person, David Michael told me that the company had deployed a server in my name and only I could cancel the server and cancel my account. However, in order to do this, I need to sign into my account and make the technical changes. When I signed into the account, no server had ever been deployed. As strange as this company is, the story gets even stranger.

I next contacted American Express who stopped any further charges from GoGrid. However, the company accountant Tim wrote a completely fabricated document to American Express [read more...]
Rohit (rohit@t...)
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I like GoGrid for a couple of reasons.
1) Easy and smooth control panel to create and manage your servers though the control panel could do with a lot more options
2) Speed of commissioning new hardware and setting up your servers.

I don't like GoGrid for a whole lot more reasons
1) I think they are trying hard but the customer service really sucks. If things are simple they are taken care of easily but if there is a bigger problem then you might as well start praying. Can't even blame the customer service guys... they probably have no other option but to escalate tickets.
2) I've had 2 serious outages in 6 months. Both times I've lost my server completely. First time the server just crashed... heard a lot of BS excuses and finally after 3 days they say nothing can be done. Another time the disk crashed and was told rather curtly that it is not recoverable. I'd expect better from a hosting provider.
3) The servers are good for testing, demos or QA etc but don't ever use [read more...]
Yoav (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
After 8 month with GoGrid I can only say this:
They are complete amatures.
Their servers are only good for very basic and low throughput (network and i/o) systems.
Their customer support is horrible. A bunch of guys sitting in Banglore who have no idea beyond basic os support
When facing real problems (like i did when i/o performance was <1mb/s) you have no one to talk to, no one that takes responsibility and no one that cares.

I am waiting to have time so i can get the hell out of there.

My suggestions: DON'T GO THERE !!!

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