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123 Reg
The Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, 252 – 254 Blyth Road
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pebs ( -no email- )
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Fine if you want a cheap hosting company. That is until something goes wrong and you have to contact their customer support which is very poor. You currently have to pay 10p a minute and once you call you are often told it'll be over a 20 minute wait on hold until you speak to an advisor so that's £2 of your money gone before you speak to anyone if you can get through.

By the way their contact page used to have a contact phone number to speak to someone but now it looks like they've now redirected their contact page links to go to the 123-support site where the only way you can contact someone is with an email form and from past experience they take about 2 weeks to reply to those messages. And then it's usually a standard question about your problem, so send off another reply, wait another length of time you get the idea. So as long as you aren't running a business and don't have anything urgent on your sites then you might be okay.

I'm guessing they've done this to try and divert people from calling them (maybe cause people complain) but I just found their support number on the Pipex site:

The staff aren't very knowledgeable, most sound like trainees that have to put you on hold while they ask a supervisor for help.

Really not happy as I have am running a business and can't afford to have my hosting run by people who are not clearly providing a phone number and wait 2 weeks to reply to technical issues. Hardly professional and do they expect to keep all their customers that way?.

I'm looking for a better company.

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