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I have lots of domain names that i have with 123-reg etc. I renewed a .eu name and guess what it didnt appear on my list of domain names.

I didnt want to loose it at any cost so i spent three days phoning 123-reg.

Finally, on the third day after waiting for 30min i got through and spoke to a rep caled Ray.

I was told that the domain name had been paid for but it was in quarentine and i shall have ful access to it within 24hrs.

What the fuck ! do you think i have time to waste waiting 30 mins for you to answer my phone call Ray...?
123-reg are very clever, they reduce the cost of the calls from 50p to 10 p and make u wait for a long time. So at the end of the day they are still making lots of money from you call.

The total length of waiting time i had to wait for was 30 mins and the total time i spent talking to Ray was 2mins !

They are fucking scammers. Seriously, if anyone is looking for a domain name company i would never ever suggest they use 123-reg. they are crappY !

And if 123-reg turn around and say that the majority of their customers are happy then i would say most of the customers they have must never need to use there bullshit pathetic customer support !! either that they are pedafiles locked in prison.

Anyways, 123-reg are shite !!!!!!!!!

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