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where do i start? basic hosting + domain for a co.uk domain.

First, they auto renewed a domain and hosting i did not want. The 123-reg renewal notices do not say you have to take direct action to 'allow domains to expire'. They do however ask you to take direct action if you WANT to renew. I presumed i needed do nothing and so i just left them. Next minute they took payment (my details are stored) and auto renewed both hosting and domain.

I complained the process isnt clear, they argued it IS clear and pointed me to the t&c's. They refused a refund. Basically saying its my responsibility to make myself aware of the processes.

I was annoyed at the attitude but after some thought, I decided to re-use the domain and hosting and set about building the new content. I emailed 123-reg and told them i would be re-using it. Putting it down to experience. They could have had it nipped in the bud here, but no...

...They took down the site. I received an email saying the domain name registration stands but the hosting has been removed and will be refunded in X days. I replied saying I told them I didn't want a refund any more and asked them to put my website back up. They refused and said if i want the hosting back i had to re-order (and pay the set up fees again)

So i complained again. Then I decided to set up alternative hosting and updated the DNS records to point the domain there and it worked fine yesterday.

Today i checked the domain but it redirected me to 123-reg homepage. I went to the DNS records and found they had been reset. I tried to change them but it just says failed everytime. I cant even use the web forwarding.

I'm almost certain the customer service team is made up of inexperienced kiddie school leavers who don't know how to deal with customers that complain. I can just imagine them saying 'lets see how she likes this' before disabling the admin on my domain. I wonder if they have considered that this is technically theft of service and counts as evidence should it go to court?

How many of us just move our domains and hosting after suffering from the likes of 123-reg? How much money do you think they have made from duping customers into auto-renewing, not to mention giving the bad service causing everyone to transfer the domain thus releasing their own servers for the duration.

123-reg must be made answerable to these many injustices dont you think?

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