Mijndomein VPS, € 200.00/yr. on Linux VPS

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Albert Einsteinweg 4
Lelystad , FL 8203 NH
☎ Phone +31 0 70 3605596
  • 💡 Plan Name: VPS (sku #p82430)
  • 🔧 Category: VPS / Linux
  • 💰 Price: 200.00/yr. VAT inc
  • 💿 Disk Space: 100 GB
  • 📶 Traffic bandwidth: unmetered
  • 💲 Setup Fee: free
💪 CPU/Cores :2 VCPU
🔋 RAM :4096 MB
🔌 Hosted domains :unlimited
🆓 free domains :0
📌 Dedicated IPs :0
💳 Payment Methods :Credit / Debit / Prepaid CardsPayPal
🔨 Control Panel :[In-house]
✍️ Support Options :EmailHelp DeskPhone / Toll-FreeAvailable 24/7
🌏 Server Locations :Netherlands
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📜 Plan description

Virtual own server with more flexibility
Easy access to VPS with a web console
Installed in a few clicks

Your own online workspace where you can do whatever you want. The only thing you need is sufficient technical knowledge. The possibilities are endless. Your VPS is fast thanks to good CPUs, enough RAM and SSD technology. With 100 GB of disk space, you have enough space to get everything you need. For example, you can easily run multiple websites on it.

📄 Editorial Review

Mijndomein, founded in 2003, has established itself as a reputable web hosting company with over 230,000 customers and 700,000 domain names under its management. Their commitment to accessibility and affordability is evident in their range of services, including domain registration, web hosting, website creation, and online store solutions. Mijndomein has also expanded its offerings to encompass additional domains such as puntFRL (.frl) and dotAmsterdam (.amsterdam). With a focus on empowering customers to take control of their online presence, Mijndomein strives to make everything simple and accessible.

Mijndomein offers competitive prices for its web hosting plans, catering to various needs and budgets. The Webhosting Start package starts at €3 per month, providing a basic hosting solution for those starting out. For enhanced features, the Webhosting Plus package is available for €6 per month, and customers can enjoy the first six months free. Additionally, there is the Managed WordPress package, priced at €9 per month, with the first eight months free. Mijndomein offers a trial period, allowing customers to test the packages and cancel within that timeframe without any charges.

Mijndomein ensures the reliability and performance of its hosting services through a redundant infrastructure. Their double systems and redundant solutions minimize the risk of downtime. They employ stable facilities, including power, network, server, and data storage equipment, backed up by external specialized parties when necessary. This approach guarantees optimal availability and helps maintain an impressive uptime rate of over 99.9%.

Mijndomein places great importance on providing reliable customer support. Their systems are continuously monitored to proactively prevent and quickly resolve any issues that may arise. With a commitment to security, Mijndomein safeguards customer data, employing measures to prevent cyber attacks, hacking, and data leaks. They offer free SFTP and SSL for secure file transfers and prioritize transparency by promptly informing customers in the event of a security breach. Overall, Mijndomein strives to ensure customers feel confident and supported in their online endeavors.

Mijndomein offers the popular and user-friendly control panel options, including Plesk, allowing customers to efficiently manage their websites and associated services. With these intuitive interfaces, users can easily handle website administration tasks, email management, file uploads, and more.

Mijndomein excels in fulfilling the online ambitions of enterprising individuals and businesses. With their range of services, including domain registration, web hosting, website creation, and online store solutions, they provide comprehensive support for customers' online presence. The company's commitment to accessibility, affordability, and customer satisfaction is evident in their competitive pricing, reliable infrastructure, robust customer support, and user-friendly control panels. Mijndomein's dedication to making everything simple empowers individuals and businesses to take control of their online ventures and achieve success.

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