Easier WordPress Administration with the Improved ICDSoft [...]

Easier WordPress Administration with the Improved ICDSoft WordPress Manager

icdsoft.com logo📅 - Here at ICDSoft we always do our best to improve the experience for our WordPress users, and we have just added more tools and features that will help our customers simplify the management of their WordPress sites.

Below you can find a quick summary of the most recent updates and improvements to the ICDSoft WordPress Manager, which is included for free with every hosting account:

- The system now checks for WordPress installations that have not been imported to WordPress Manager. If it finds some, it will show a notification with a convenient button to scan and import them.

- We also automatically check for outdated plugins, and if we find some, users can review and update them with one click.

- Enabling our Server-side Caching feature can now be done with a single click directly from the WordPress Manager. When this feature gets activated, the system will also install a plugin that will automatically clear the cache when users update their WordPress content.

- WordPress backups created via WordPress Manager (both manually and automatically) now feature descriptions which can be edited by the user.

If you are looking for a hosting partner for your WordPress project, now is a great time to get your new WordPress hosting account from ICDSoft. All of our hosting plans are WordPress-optimized and come with lots of amazing features out of the box:

- Great prices for WordPress hosting - we have significant discounts for both new accounts and for renewals.
- Expert support for your WordPress site available 24/7/365.
- Amazing WordPress speed powered by our optimized setup that features FPM with OPcache and server-side caching. We have an independent performance award (https://wphostingbenchmarks.com/company/icdsoft/) to back up this statement.
- Free WordPress site migration, free daily backups, free SSL certificates.
- WordPress Manager - our toolkit that simplifies various WordPress administrative tasks such as creating a staging site and pushing it to live, copying/moving a WordPress installation, creating and restoring WordPress backups, updating the WordPress core and outdated plugins, and many more.

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