Web Hosting Provider #TransIP Group Buys It-Ernity, Grows [...]

Web Hosting Provider #TransIP Group Buys It-Ernity, Grows Annual Turnover to €70M

transip.nl logo!Aug 14, 2018 - TransIP Group (transip.nl Total Reviews: 1
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), a Dutch web hosting and cloud provider, has acquired another company from the Netherlands, IT-Ernity Holding – the hosting and Internet solutions company behind the brands Proserve, CloudVPS, Signet, VDX, Web plug and DDS.

TransIP stated that a larger customer target group can be addressed by combining web hosting and domain names from VDX, Web plug, DDS; managed and it-solutions from Proserve; connectivity and network solutions from Signet; and cloud and infrastructure solutions from CloudVPS.

The combined company, which now grows to almost four hundred thousand customers, has 210 employees and an annual turnover of approximately 70 million euros. Financial [...][... Check source for end of article ...]
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Company: Trans IP

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