Web Hosting Company DreamHost Hires Ty Lampella as VP of Marketing

dreamhost.com logo!August 4, 2018 - After nearly a decade of operating as an independent online marketing consulting for a broad set of clients in the online marketing space, Ty Lampella has joined the DreamHost team on a full-time basis. Within the Dreamhost executive team he will take on the role of vice president (VP) of Marketing.

A graduate of Oregon's Linfield College, Ty Lampella has spent the last decade honing his online marketing skill set and focusing on the varied marketing needs of his many consulting clients.

In 2008, Lampella founded CareerLeak.com, one of the web's first job review sites. CareerLeak was later sold to CyberCoders where Lampella spent a number of years as director of SEO and at CareerBliss as [...][... Check source for end of article ...]
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