Why is Plagiarism and Tools Like Copyscape Important in Blogging?

February 17, 2017 - Blogging is a game of originality and fresh content. When you find a blog that is plagiarizing, you no longer find it to be a credible or trustworthy site. That is why most bloggers use tools like Copyscape to make sure their content or ideas are not the same as another website.

It's important to show you are a credible source with original ideas and that you are citing your sources when you have a statistic to share. Avoiding duplicate content not only makes you improve as a blogger to your audience, but your site rankings will remain high for your audience to find you.

Plagiarism and tools like Copyscape help to protect bloggers from being viewed as a poor source of information and from being outranked. Take a look at how these things affect bloggers like yourself.

Why plagiarism occurs

There are many writers out there that plagiarize the work of another writer. This is because they want to use the content on their website and call it their own work. It can be challenging to write unique content and to appeal to an audience. Plagiarism may seem like the solution but it will get your website shut down for the theft of content.

On the other hand, your original content could be plagiarized by another website in which you will need to report the issue just as someone would do to you. Make sure you are checking your work for the potential of plagiarism and you can do this through a variety of tools, including www.Copyscape.com.

How Copyscape can help

Copyscape is a tool that helps writers to fight online plagiarism. You can use it on your website to make sure your website's content is original and not copied from another website. Simply compare the content to other sites on the web by having it scanned before you publish it. This will come in handy for guest posts too.

You can have automated site audits done to confirm there is no duplicate content on your site that plagiarizes from another. You can now ensure that all of your content is completely original. For a writing team or a website with guest posts, you can now ensure that all of the content submitted to you is unique and to combat plagiarism before publishing anything that could harm your reputation.

Fighting plagiarism risks and handling theft of your content

It's just as important to fight plagiarism on your website as it is to address stolen content of yours on another website. Be sure to always search your keyword terms that you're hoping to get ranked for to see what kind of competition is out there for them and to see if anyone has already copied you. Use tools on Google such as:

Google alerts of your brand to see when you've been mentioned on another site or for branding your name within text for catching plagiarism

Google Webmaster Tools to look for duplicate content on your website

Google Webmaster Tools to look for backlinks to your site in order to check for copied content

Be sure to also use Copyscape for duplicate content, add services like MUSO to be vigilant for you, and run a search on the first paragraph of your posts for the most likely way to catch copied content on piracy sites.

If you do happen to find plagiarism of your work on another site, you can respond by filing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice or notice to the DMCA, which happens through Google or the web hosting company that the website owner uses.

Don't let someone steal your original content bringing down your search rankings or taking your thought sand running with them. With a report made to the website owner, Google, and the hosting company, a website with plagiarism could be down within days or weeks if not corrected. While it may be a compliment to have your content stolen, it's unethical and you have the right to aggressive legal action.

Don't let plagiarism ruin your reputation. Double check all of your content through copyscape and look for others that may be stealing your work. It's important that content on the web is original.

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