Feb, 2017 : How to Switch to a New Web Hosting Company

Feb 15, 2017 - If you've decided you are ready to move on to a new web hosting company, you may be wondering how complicated of a transition this may be for you. Sometimes you end up with a hosting company that causes you problem after problem, from frequent downtimes to poor support service.

It's important that you are happy with your hosting company as an entrepreneur because you want to feel that you can count on this part of your business in order to be successful. After all, it's your money, your business, and your brand on the line if your customers are interacting with you while you have a website that is frequently down or other features that are not working right. Take a look at this guide to switch your web hosting company with ease.

Choosing your new web host

Step one comes in as the time to decide who your new web host will be. There are so many hosting company options that you may feel overwhelmed at who to choose. The best way to start is to decide which type of hosting you are going to need, what your budget looks like, and what is going to work best for the success of your company.

Choosing shared hosting may save you cash but it has its drawbacks, while VPS hosting or a dedicated server allows for more personalized capabilities at a higher price point. Once you've made the decision, be prepared that you will need to also register your own domain name in order to more easily switch to a new provider with your domain.

Backup everything and make the switch

Not only should you be backing everything up already, but it's important that you backup your website to avoid interruptions in running your business. You've likely already been backing things up to avoid accidently deleting something important or having a way to bring everything back in the case of equipment failure or a virus attack. When you backup your website before switching web hosts, you make the transition incredibly easy to get your website files to the new web host.

If you're not sure how to back up your files, you can copy old file structures to the new web hosting account for your static files. You can also use FTP to transfer your website's files to your new web hosting account.

If you're running your website on a database like MySQL, you may want to configure your web apps to the new hosting account as they are currently stored in the current hosting account. Simply move the database file to the new host, as long as the new and old web host vendors use the same web based administration technology.

Before assuming that everything is transferred just fine, make sure you test everything to ensure it's working correctly in the new hosting account. Look at the new website after you've uploaded all of the files and databases to the new account, using a temporary URL in IP addresses. You can preview your website easily with most hosting companies before having it go live to make sure it's working well and to avoid any errors in the transition.

Update your domain registrar

Now that you've accomplished the bulk of the task, it's time to intimate the domain registrar to reflect your new DNS record. Just log on to the control panel of the domain registration that is provided by the registrar, select the Domain Name Server, and change your DNS records. If you neglect to do this, your visitors may get an error message or notice a blackout when trying to visit your website. Be sure to have accurate DNS details from the new web host to replace the old names servers.

The last step in the process is to keep your old and new websites alive and functioning for 6 hours while the changes to the servers can get to work. Finally, you can inform your old hosting service that you will no longer need their services and cancel the subscription. Avoid posting any new content or changing anything related to the files or design during the transition process in case of the chance of lost data.

You can switch to a new hosting company before the end of business today if you are unhappy with your current services. Use this guide to make the transition.

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