Z.com, global brand of Japan’s Number 1 Internet Group, [...]

Z.com, global brand of Japan’s Number 1 Internet Group, launches in the Philippines

z.com logo!Jan 24, 2017 - Brand brings affordable domain and hosting products to Southeast Asia's fastest growing online nation

Z.com, the global brand of Japan's leading internet services company, GMO Internet Group, has now expanded to the Philippines. With the country positioned as one of the fastest-growing online populations in the world, the opening of Z.com brings affordable internet services to the market, such as domain registration, web hosting, VPS / cloud hosting, and SSL Certification.

The brand is backed by the technological expertise of GMO Internet Group, Japan's undisputed market leader in internet services since 1991. In 2014, the group made headlines when it bought the domain “Z.com” for USD 6.8 Million, in its aim to create a simple and memorable name on the web. This also signaled the group's online expansion, as it is now present in Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and now, the Philippines.

Through Z.com, the Philippines can now enjoy GMO Internet Group's leading products at some of the most competitive price points in the local market. It provides a one-stop shop for Filipinos to build their presence online. Services include:

Domains - comoffers the most competitive domain name prices in the market, from popular ones (.com, .biz, .net, etc), to new generic top-level domains such as .shop, .xyz, .link, and more. All prices include free domain privacy protection, which is a paid add-on for other domain name providers. GMO Internet Group is one of the most trusted domain registrars in the world, being the first to be accredited by ICANN in Asia. Today, the group is managing over 14 million domain names.

Web Hosting - comprovides a range of hosting services including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress optimized hosting. All these feature high-speed SSD Storage, which is known to be faster than HDD storage used by other affordable hosting providers. Plans start as low as Php 166/month, which gives users access to cPanel control panel and Cloudmark Authority spam filter.
Z.com has servers located in the United States, Singapore, and Tokyo.

SSL - SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), are small data files that protect users' data on websites and enable https encryption. Websites with SSL certificates not only give customers more peace of mind, but can also improve trust and search ranking for websites - which is why it is becoming a top must-have, especially for eCommerce websites. (Google source)
Z.com SSL Certification is available at Php 12,200 per year, but if subscribed to any of Z.com Hosting plans (web or WordPress), it can be added for only Php70 per month.

All these services come with free local support, with a growing customer-support team based in Makati.

"Our mission is to bring 'Internet for Everyone,' and we do that through products that are accessible, affordable and easy to use," says Andy Koo, General Manager of GMO-Z.com Philippines. "True to our Japanese heritage, we adhere to the principle of simplicity. Z.com aims to bring simplicity to technology - so that anyone who wants to go online can easily do so with our products.”

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