Apr, 2016 : 5 Reasons Web Hosting Companies Should Use Social Media

Apr 22, 2016 - Think the web hosting industry doesn't need social media?

You might be wrong about that. Although most of the web hosting industry is content to operate quietly, drawing in new customers here and there, you want to grow your business and start creating buzz online. Getting on social media is the way to do it.

Here are 5 reasons web hosting companies should use social media.

1. Connects you with new leads

There's no better way to connect with new leads than through social media! This is where your audience is already hanging out. Go to the networks they prefer most–that could be Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.–and engage in meaningful discussions with them. Don't just promote and post about your company. Show your human side to connect with people and turn them into warm leads.

2. Familiarizes people with your brand

So many web hosting companies exist today and it's hard to stand out. Did you know that 53% of companies don't have a specific reason that they chose their current hosting provider? That means the rules of recency are in effect–the last web hosting company they heard of it who they will seek out when they have a need for web hosting services.

By using social media to remain visible and become connected with your followers, you can be that hosting company they default to when they need your services.

3. Makes web hosting easier to understand

Short posts and conversational language make social media the perfect place to demystify web hosting and put it into plain terms. If you can help you audience better understand what you provide and why they need it, they'll be more likely to go from a follower to a customer.

4. It's cost effective

Using social media is free. Running paid promotions on social media isn't free, but it's very cost effective, depending on the network you use. Facebook ads are notoriously low-priced and cost effective for brands. Our sister brand, Conversational, wrote a post in their Ad Academy series about using $5 a day on Facebook ads to improve your content marketing efforts.

5. Reaches international users

Social media offers you a chance to put your content in front of international users. If you use a program like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts ahead of time, you can plan to post in the middle of the night to ensure your international users get a chance to see and engage with your posts. If building an international client base is what you're after, social media is a great place to start.

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