Facebook, Google and Microsoft considered less secure than [...]

Facebook, Google and Microsoft considered less secure than governments for personal data

artmotion.eu logo📅 - Despite the recent scandals surrounding government snooping, when it comes to information security, consumers still feel their personal data is safest in the hands of governments rather than many of the most popular ecommerce, social media and email providers. That's according to new research from secure Swiss-based data centre provider Artmotion, which surveyed over 1000 citizens throughout the United States, Europe, Russia and Australia.

When provided with the choice, consumers consistently agreed that government systems – such as tax and medical databases – were more secure than data held by the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft.

German consumers were the most likely to trust their government with the safety of their personal records, with 82% believing that public sector systems were more secure than online services like email providers. While consumers in the U.S. were the most trusting of commercial services, 69% still considered government systems to be the most secure.

In the U.S. email accounts were widely considered the least secure communication channel, while the UK was less trusting of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Commenting on these findings, Mateo Meier, CEO of Artmotion said: “Data privacy is essential for the safe development and evolution of business. With ever more data being inputted and uploaded by individuals, ensuring the safety of sensitive personal data can often be paramount to a business' success.

“While there is still significant room for improvement by governments the world over when it comes to data security sector, these results highlight just how low some of the world's biggest internet companies are regarded when it comes to data privacy. Between Ashley Madison, Apple's iCloud, Amazon Twitch and the attack on Sony Pictures, is it any wonder that customers have lost faith in the ability of Facebook, Google and the other key digital players to protect their data?

“In order to regain this trust, the commercial providers need to increase their focus on encryption as a fundamental part of data security, ensuring that private or sensitive data can be kept just as that – private.”

Artmotion's research also recently revealed how the US government is the “most feared” for online spying and data surveillance amongst consumers, even more so than the governments in Russia, Iran, China or North Korea. On the other hand Switzerland was one of the most trusted governments in terms of data privacy, along with Spain, Canada, Italy and France.

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Artmotion Ltd is a privately held data hosting provider in Switzerland, offering state of the art, highly secure server solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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