Feb 27, 2015 : Strong Growth at Hostpoint Continues

hostpoint.ch logo📅 - Hostpoint, the largest web hosting provider in Switzerland, continues to show strong growth: 11.4 % increase in turnover to hit the CHF 11.7 million mark during the last fiscal year. This translates to steady double-digit growth much like in recent years.

Hostpoint, the web hosting provider based in Rapperswil-Jona, increased its turnover during the last fiscal year to CHF 11.7 million, which is an 11.4 % increase over the previous year (CHF 10.5 million). At the end of 2014, Hostpoint was the hosting provider for 200,000 websites and 280,000 domain names.

Hostpoint is fully based in Switzerland, storing its customers' data exclusively on servers located in Switzerland. The company also provides all of its support, development and administration services from Switzerland. In doing so, the company has 41 full-time employees (five more than the previous year) at its offices in Rapperswil-Jona.

Hostpoint – the domain registrar for Switzerland

In 2015, around 800,000 domain names registered with SWITCH will have to be transferred to a new partner. The reason behind this change is Switzerland's new Ordinance on Internet Domains (OID), which requires SWITCH to relinquish its business for end customers. The Hostpoint transfer tool (https://www.hostpoint.ch/en/domains/ch-transfer.html) allows owners of .ch domains to complete the transfer intuitively and free of charge – Hostpoint will fully honor the remaining term of existing contracts.

The Hostpoint Domain Control Panel gives domain owners complete 24/7 control of their domains, without tying them to any specific provider. In the past, external DNS servers always had to be registered with SWITCH. Hostpoint customers can now also set up domain forwarders or use the DNS editor to create name server entries based on their particular needs – free of charge and without any pressure to buy a web hosting package. Thus, domain names registered with Hostpoint can be operated with other web hosting providers as well.

As the only web hosting provider in Switzerland with the esteemed accreditation from ICANN – the top authority for the management of the domain name system – the hosting provider from Rapperswil-Jona also guarantees maximum security in handling domain names.

About Hostpoint
With 200,000 websites and 280,000 registered domain names, Hostpoint is the largest web hosting provider in Switzerland. Numerous private customers and several well-known companies such as Swiss Post, Migros, Skyguide, and Hero are the foundation of the company's success. Hostpoint is an ICANN-accredited web hosting provider in Switzerland and has more than 41 employees. The company's turnover last year was CHF 11.7 million.

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