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Jelastic Enters South Africa’s Cloud Computing Market With FLEX CLOUD By RSAWEB logo!Feb 13, 2015 - Jelastic, Inc., the first company that combined Unlimited PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and Container-Based IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) into one solution, has announced their partnership with South Africa's RSAWEB; an established and rapidly expanding Internet Services Provider (ISP), specialising in True Cloud, Internet access, hosting and enterprise-class data centre solutions.

Frost and Sullivan reported last year that the Cloud computing market in South Africa is experiencing a high growth rate, which is expected to increase as the market matures. While private Cloud services have been the main focus of the first tier of competitors in the large enterprise sector, there is beginning to be a greater move towards public Cloud solutions.

The timing couldn't be better for RSAWEB's FLEX CLOUD particularly because of the easier access to affordable bandwidth in South Africa. SMEs are predicted to be the most important driver of growth of Cloud computing services over the next two years, particularly as it relates to public Cloud solutions.

“South Africa's Cloud market is emerging at an astounding rate, and RSAWEB has expanded its offering to not only meet, but to exceed the demands of Cloud customers in their region,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO. “RSAWEB's investment in Jelastic will prove cost efficiencies in automation, Cloud, PaaS and Container-Based IaaS. We are enabling RSAWEB to demonstrate that private and public Clouds are not just a cost center, but a fundamental part of the business that can drive revenue and value, as well as reduce costs.”

“We are incredibly excited about this new partnership with Jelastic and the launch of this industry enhancing/changing product,” said RSAWEB's Managing Director Rob Gilmour. “Here at RSAWEB we are constantly striving to shake up the market and find new and innovative products and we believe that the introduction of this FLEX CLOUD will take Cloud computing and development to a new level here in South Africa.

From the beginning Jelastic has been the pioneer PaaS using containers virtualization technology for application deployment/lifecycle management/scalability and ZERO CC. In addition, Jelastic provides unique vertical scaling for all application containers with load spikes and variable loads in general. The granular vertical scaling provides the ability to scale up and down stateful apps, legacy apps and apps that were not designed for horizontal scaling, resulting in flexible pricing for end customers.

Jelastic supports popular programming languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET and provides the maximum application density, the fastest deployment model and the easiest management for private, public and hybrid Clouds, all while retaining the flexibility to customize infrastructure and application configurations. A wide choice of software stacks by default, plus Docker and Cartridges templates, plugins for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans IDEs and other technologies integrated inside make Jelastic a turnkey Cloud with a complex solution.


Since being established in 2001, RSAWEB has grown rapidly, gaining extensive industry experience while continuously improving on, and introducing new products. With great commitment to customer service excellence and in-depth technical understanding, RSAWEB is able to retain partnerships with some of South Africa's leading brands, from a wide array of sectors. RSAWEB takes pride in offering custom made solutions to clients as well as the best in service and support, providing Service-Level Agreements and a 24-hour helpdesk that fully supports and monitors all services, ensuring all clients have absolute peace of mind.

Having invested heavily in infrastructure, RSAWEB has built a strong presence in South Africa and Internationally with data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and POPs (points of presence) in London, Europe and the USA.

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About Jelastic

Jelastic, Inc. is the first company that combined unlimited PaaS ease of use (developer's productivity) and the IaaS flexibility (agility) within a single platform. Jelastic is a venture-backed enterprise software company that enables hosting service providers, systems integrators, enterprises and OEMs to unleash the full potential of the cloud to generate superior ROI and efficiencies. Investors in Jelastic are Runa Capital, Almaz Capital and Maxfield Capital.

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