Jan 16, 2007 : Aruba Partners with SWsoft

aruba.it logo📅 - Server virtualization and automation software provider SWsoft (swsoft.com) announced on Tuesday it has signed a deal with the main Web hosting provider in Italy and the Czech and Slovakian Republics, Aruba (aruba.it 👉 Total Reviews: 7
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), to offer hosting services powered by SWsoft Plesk and Virtuozzo software.

The agreement with SWsoft will enable Aruba to customize, extend and integrate SWsoft hosting automation products and software components into its hosting environments and into Aruba's shared hosting group companies. Aruba says it trusts SWsoft technology open fusion initiative to move its entire line of products to a common platform to advance integration among a wide range of systems, third-party applications and modules and custom and in-house solutions.

"We are delighted that our solutions have been chosen by a company of the caliber of Aruba," says Soeren von Varchmin, managing director for SWsoft's European and Asian operations. "The agreement with Aruba is of special significance to us because it confirms that our products offer advanced functionality and superb reliability. We are also working hard to ensure that SWsoft consolidates its position in the Italian market through a new distribution network."

SWsoft also recently announced it has made significant updates to its PEM data center automation solution in response to feedback from some of its largest hosting customers.

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