Netriplex Extends Fiber Network to Washington DC and the Northeast

Aug 12, 2009 - Netriplex Extends Fiber Network to Washington DC and the Northeast

Asheville, NC - August 11, 2009 - Netriplex, LLC today announced plans to extend its high-capacity fiber connectivity from its Asheville, NC, datacenter to the Washington, DC, area and the Northeast United States. The initial phase of this expansion will be a leased OC-192 optical fiber circuit to the network-neutral Equinix facility in Ashburn, Virginia with peering to hundreds of major transit providers.

"This northbound network expansion achieves several goals for our customers," explains Netriplex CTO, Jonathan Hoppe. "First, it creates greater resiliency and redundancy for Netriplex customers if there is a major incident in Atlanta, our primary Internet peering point. Now we will have full routing diversity both to the north and to the south. Second, our northward extension opens up access for government and industry point-to-point circuits between the Washington, DC area and our disaster recovery datacenter in Asheville. This dedicated fiber connection will allow Netriplex customers the most competitively priced and fastest bandwidth available to the northeast, just 15 milliseconds and one router hop for either primary or backup server hosting."

Asheville, North Carolina, has been recognized by both government and industry professionals as a highly desirable location for storing electronic data securely and economically. The United States National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), the world's largest active archive of weather data, is located in Asheville. Likewise, both Google and Apple have recently chosen western North Carolina's high security and low operating costs for their new data centers. A current insurance industry report listed Asheville, NC, among the "25 Most Secure U.S. Places to Live." And Asheville is secure without being remote. It is easily accessed through direct flights from 11 major metro airports and is within a day's drive for over half the U.S. population.

Netriplex COO, John Thompson, comments: "Most data centers are in major cities, and major cities are high risk for both natural and manmade disasters. Extreme weather hazards can cause loss of power, Internet and vital personnel for even the most 'hardened' data centers in their path. Add in the manmade perils of terrorism (think dirty bomb or EMP bomb), riots, crime, industrial hazards and health epidemics and you can readily see why Netriplex thought 'outside the box' for locating its latest data center in Asheville. Simply put, our unique location between two mountain ranges protects Netriplex's state-of-the-art facility from the risks that threaten most other data centers."

About Netriplex

Founded in 1999, Netriplex is a global provider of IT infrastructure hosting and business continuity solutions. Its 15,000 sq. ft. SAS70 Type II certified data center in Asheville, NC, offers web hosting, grid and High Availability computing, server colocation and disaster recovery office space in a state-of-the-art and completely redundant environment designed for 100% uptime. Netriplex operates other datacenters in Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, San Jose, Seattle and London, U.K.

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