Feb 28, 2008 : Finjan Finds Stolen FTP Credentials

📅 - Security vendor Finjan (finjan.com) announced on Wednesday that it has recently uncovered an illegal database storing more than 8,700 stolen FTP credentials including usernames, passwords and server addresses. The database is being hosted on a server in Hong Kong, even though all of its contents are in Russian, and as of last weekend the server was still up and running, says Finjan.

In this particular case, a trading interface on the server hosting the illegal database enables purchasers to buy FTP server credentials based on the countries that the servers are located or even by the Google ranking of the websites, says Finjan. Additionally, all of the FTP credentials on the database uncovered seem to have been harvested in the past using Trojan horses and other forms of malware.

Finjan's chief technology officer Yuval Ben-Itzhak says the stolen information belongs to companies from around the world and include more than 2,500 North American companies, some of whose websites are among the world's top 100 domains. Companies can contact Finjan directly to find out whether their servers were on the list.

The Internet service provider hosting the information has been informed about the rogue database but it isn't immediately clear if the server hosting the database itself has been compromised.

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