May 8, 2007 : 123-reg Offers Domain Transfer Deal logoMay 8, 2007 - UK domain name registrar and Web hosting provider 123-reg ( Total Reviews: 136
Average Rating: 1 / 10
Good Reviews: 15
Bad Reviews: 121
Official Responses: 0
) announced on Tuesday it is offering a year's free hosting worth £57 for all customers that transfer their domain name to its services. Customers will also get £80 of free advertising vouchers from MSN and Google.

Also included in the special promotion, 123-reg is giving customers free images and discount from iStockphoto, a £5 Firebox voucher, 30 days of DVD rental from LoveFilm, 30 days of music downloads from Napster and a free online T-shirt store from

Customers moving over to 123-reg receive the Starter Pro hosting package, which includes 500MB of Web space, 5GB of data transfer per month, 35 POP3 mailboxes, unlimited email forwarding and Web mail for additional email access. The deal is designed for individuals such as hobbyists, bloggers or small businesses and provides tools such as CGI, online file-sharing manager, ftp access and Webalizer Web statistics.

"Hundreds of thousands of people own a domain name, but many lie dormant or are just used to forward emails to their Web mail account," says Mark Beyer, sales and marketing director at 123-reg. "We're changing all this by giving migrating customers the tools to make the most of their Web site address to create their own Web site for fun or business. As well as a year's free Web hosting worth £57, we're giving away £80 of advertising vouchers to enable them to really shout about their Web site."

123-reg recently announced it updated its Web site to boost online support. Reads: 1627 | Category: General | Source: TheWHIR : Web Host Industry Reviews
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Company: 123 Reg

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Mar 23, 2009 - 123-reg Offers Free Google Analytics - UK domain registrar and web hosting provider 123-reg ( Total Reviews: 136
Average Rating: 1 / 10
Good Reviews: 15
Bad Reviews: 121
Official Responses: 0
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