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Sep, 2001 : Inflow Expands Outreach to Trucking and Shipping Industry

September 11, 2001 - On the heels of securing an additional $35 million in equity funding, InFlow, Inc. (http://www.inflow.com), a leading provider of InternetData Centers and managed hosting services, announced yesterday its verticalmarket expansion into the trucking and shipping industry.

Two companies in this vertical signed on with Inflow. Denver-basedTruckload Management, Inc., parent company of TripPak Online(http://www.trippakexpress.com), a fully integrated outsource infrastructure provider for time-sensitive document management services, as well as Atlanta-based CarrierPoint (http://www.carrierpoint.com), a logistics software provider, supplying Web-based applications that allow shippers and carriers to communicate in real time.
Both companies depend on Inflow for its 100 percent uptime guarantee and thereliability of high performance Internet access to increase efficiency fortheir shipping and trucking customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
"Broadening our market reach and securing enterprise customers are criticalto maintain the steady growth Inflow has experienced over the last twoquarters," said Art Zeile, president and CEO of Inflow. "TripPak Online andCarrierPoint have developed online applications to leverage theaccessibility of the Internet. Inflow is here to help the growing demandsof these businesses while continuing to strengthen our industry expertise inthe field."
TripPak provides Web-based document management solutions that help truckingfleets go paperless, leveraging electronic documents without losing controlof a shipper's proof of delivery, bills of lading, seal records and otherforms. Labour, hardware and software solutions are provided to scan paperdocuments, index, verify and certify the electronic original.
Inflow's InflowNet service provides multiple ISP backbone connectionsensuring 24/7 Internet connectivity. This guarantee enables the process toprovide information within 24 hours of load delivery and users to viewdocuments in milliseconds.
"Our overnight, centralized scanning service is a fundamental qualitycontrol point for our customers. To access TripPak Online certified images,we have to offer reliable, secure and high speed Internet connectivity on a24/7 basis in addition to disaster recovery services," said Mark A.Cleveland, executive vice president of TMI. "Inflow ensures our Web-basedimaging platform delivers quality images to fleets, such as Jones MotorCarriers and Swift, for timely and cost-effective access to certifiedoriginal images."
CarrierPoint provides Web-based logistics software allowing shippers andcarriers to directly communicate and conduct business realtime. The companysays the applications eliminate labour-intensive, error-prone businessprocesses associated with contract loads, scheduling and reporting. WithInflowNet, CarrierPoint's customer base of Fortune 1000 companies increaseefficiency and reduce cost by accessing documents at any time through aprivate online marketplace.
"With our previous IDC provider, we experienced multiple problems withpricing, instability and service disruptions forcing us to look elsewhere,"said Cliff Isaacson, CTO for CarrierPoint. "Not only was Inflow's reliableInflowNet, service a key factor in our decision, but the company's financialstability and unmatched customer service topped the charts. We've been soimpressed that we're considering increasing our outsourced requirements andpurchasing additional services from Inflow."
Inflow's suite of managed services includes managed firewall solutions; datastorage; applications, equipment and Web site monitoring; and loadbalancing, in addition to InflowNet, which provides 100% Internet access.

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