Jan, 2002 : Redline to Display Web Acceleration Appliance at COMNET

📅 - Redline Networks, Inc. (redlinenetworks.com) will exhibit at the COMNET Expo taking place at the Washington ConventionCenter in Washington, D.C., Jan. 29-31, 2002 at booth number 873. Redlinewill demonstrate its new T|X 2400T realtime Internet Acceleration appliance.

Visitors to booth 873 will see a live demonstration of how a T|X 2400provides an immediate performance improvement to Web sites, acceleratingcontent and increasing network and server capacity, while providing costsavings, the company said.
Redline Networks created the T|X 2400 to optimize performance for Web sites,enterprises, hosters, and service providers. Redline's T|X 2400 provides anew approach for optimizing current resources to overcome the technologyinefficiencies of existing data centers. T|X 2400 uses patent-pendingtechnology for connection management, content compression, and resourceoptimization to deliver the performance improvements. Costing about the sameas a powerful server, the T|X 2400 can deliver acceleration, a nd a 20Xserver capacity increase.
The T|X 2400 enables operational and capital expense savings by:
Increasing a server farm's capacity to serve pages by up to 20XDoubling SSL transaction capacityAccelerating download of static and dynamic (unique, non-cacheable)content to modem or broadband users by up to 1,110%Cutting bandwidth costs in half

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