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I have found 123-reg offer a very good control panel for managing domains/hosting (I am a basic user of this), however they are seriously letting themselves down by their customer support.

I bought several domains last year with the 123-reg basic hosting package. Have had numerous delays getting support.

Firstly emails went missing when their mail server went down which took them a while to fix so I had to get another email address to use. Seems to be working okay again now so okay fair enough, from experience any hosting company I've been involved with has had problems from time to time.

Then I emailed them with a domain question and it took a couple weeks to get a reply which I think is too long for support.

Now a customer has informed me that a Perl script which runs my contact form on my site has stopped working (I haven't changed it in the last couple of months). I don't know how long it's been like that so I might have lost business sales because of it.

I called them on the 8th to report the fault and the contact took my number and said he would call me back, no call received.

I tried calling their premium rate phone line several times this week (from the 12th) which rang then cut me off. (They could have a queuing system so I know if they are actually there or not?). I called their partner Web Fusion to see if they could tell me if there was a problem with 123-reg. He said 123-reg moved offices on Friday 9th March and that they had teething problems with the new phone system and that they are dealing with a huge amount of phone calls at the moment. If thats why it cuts me off then are they understaffed or have a system that can't support the services they offer?. Web Fusion told me to keep trying.

Kept trying calling today (16th) and finally got through to support. I told the guy I spoke to someone on the 8th and they said they'd ring me back.

He sounded a big aggrevated and said: "I don't know why they would say such rubbish" and "we don't call people back because our system doesn't allow that and our company doesn't generate enough revenue that way".

Erm! Okay that's not really a professional way to respond to a customer is it, even if the other contact did get it wrong.

He said he'll look at the problem and email me back in the next 20 minutes to whether he can resolve if or escalate it to a support ticket. So here's hoping.

Overall good services offered, but not impressed with their phone lines cutting me off and they take a long time to look at support issues.

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