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Cerca notizie logo!The Best Speed And Security Only With Host4Porn VPS Hosting Services - nov 13, 2019 - Simple, fast, reliable adult VPS hosting… enjoy the best services ever only with Host4Porn.

Focus on your business forget about everything else, Host4Porn delivers powerful adult VPS hosting services with outstanding speed, 24/7 support, high-end security… it´s simply the best adult VPS hosting services ever. Host4Porn was created to make Web hosting easy to understand, so our customers can make better informed decisions and feel good about their purchases.

We are constantly improving every ... logo!US Colocation Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Launches Agent Partner Program - nov 13, 2019 - Whitelabel ITSolutions, a US colocation data center provider with connected data centers located in Hackensack, NJ, has announced the official launch of our Agent Partner program. Agents can leverage Whitelabel ITSolutions “flexible” partner participation levels and revenue earning options. The colocation data center provider is actively growing its program and recruiting new partners, specifically those that are looking to expand their customer base.

Aligning with partners who know regional ... logo!Whitelabel ITSolutions Offers Resources For All With Our XEN VPS Hosting Limited Time Promo - nov 13, 2019 - We offer high-end XEN VPS server resources and for a limited time with our unique promo, you´ll get SSD RAID10 space doubled for the exact same price.

A VPS or virtual private server in simple words is nothing other than a virtual servers installed on a physical computer to run multiple OS. Whitelabel ITSolutions offers powerful yet affordable XEN virtual private servers design for efficient management of Windows and Linux operating systems. XEN developed by Linux foundation with support of ...
qtsdatacenters.comQTS Appoints Jan Daan Luycks as Managing Director, European Operations - nov 12, 2019 - QTS, a provider of hybrid colocation and mega scale data center solutions, has appointed Jan Daan (J.D.) Luycks as Managing Director overseeing QTS' European ... logo!Rolling out Google Cloud’s Compute-Optimized (C2) VMs to Everyone - nov 12, 2019 - Kinsta is always trying to push the boundaries when it comes to performance, and today we’re taking it to a whole other level. We are excited to announce that we are moving to Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) next-gen compute-optimized (C2) virtual machines. They will be the backbone of our infrastructure going forward, and the default for new WordPress sites that you spin up in available regions.

The new compute-optimized VMs (C2) offer the highest performance per core that GCP offers on ...
MSPs Now Able to Share Pool of ‘VMware Cloud on AWS’ Capacity Across Multiple Tenants - nov 12, 2019 - At VMworld 2019 Europe last week, VMware has announced a new multi-tenancy service for ‘VMware Cloud on AWS.' The new capability would make this cloud service more attractive and available to customers of all sizes through ... logo!Zoho Seeks Data Compliance for Clients Through Equinix in Australia - nov 12, 2019 - ManageEngine, the IT management division of Zoho Corporation, is now hosting Zoho's ITSM, ITOM and endpoint management services from its Melbourne and Sydney data centers which are collocated in Equinix's Australian ... logo! pleased to announce the launch of our new websites! - nov 11, 2019 - We are pleased to announce that we just launched our new websites today.
New look received Polish and Mexican website!


Our new website provides a clear message about who we are, what we stand for and about our solutions. The website also boasts a clean design and intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionalities that direct you to the most relevant information for your needs. It is also fully ... logo!Atos Launches New Hybrid Cloud offering with VMware - nov 11, 2019 - Together with partner VMware, Atos has announced the launch of its ‘Digital Hybrid Cloud' offering - a fully managed hybrid cloud ... logo!‘ISPs, Rightsholders, Broadcasters Need to Collaborate to Effectively Fight Streaming Piracy’ - nov 11, 2019 - ‘ISPs, Rightsholders, Broadcasters Need to Collaborate to Effectively Fight Streaming Piracy'. Read the Expert Blog by Tom van Dijk, Quality Director at IaaS hosting company Worldstream ...

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Ultimi post sul blog Icona - ott 18, 2019 - Composer: gestire le dipendenze in PHP - Introduzione a Composer Se stai sviluppando un progetto in PHP, molto probabilmente stai utilizzando anche delle librerie esterne. Aggiungere queste librerie ai progetti, tenerle sempre aggiornate e poterle gestire però può... Composer: gestire le dipendenze in PHP pubblicato su Netsons blog. Icona - ott 17, 2019 - Tutte le novità di PHP 7.4 - PHP 7.4 è la release prevista per il 28 novembre 2019. Ma soprattutto è un punto di riferimento per raggiungere l’obiettivo che da molti viene definito come punto di arrivo: PHP 8.0. Le ultime novità di PHP. In attesa di questo risultato possiamo goderci i passi avanti delle versioni minori. Che ... Icona - ott 15, 2019 - Siti offline: 4 risorse per accertare lo stato di un portale - Una selezione di utili risorse online per capire se un determinato sito sia offline solo per noi o anche per gli altri utenti. The post Siti offline: 4 risorse per accertare lo stato di un portale appeared first on