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7th Street East, Off Kairaba Avenue KMC P.O. Box 602

Phone+220 437 8181, Fax: +220 437 4838 
RanksAlexa Rating11,457,280▲2699628 (lower is better)
Alexa Rank in GM 1,677
Alexa Rating14,309,856▼-2206557 (lower is better)
Languages en-US-
InfoOffering webhosting, web design, vpn.
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From our very first Local Area Network installation in 1994, Netpage has gone from strength-to-strength and built a reputation based on reliability, efficiency and above all simplicity.

We understand that in todays business environment success is based on being able to respond and adapt to a situation with minimal effort. This is why the R-E-S Approach was developed.

Netpage prides itself in [...]
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