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Bertina ( has been added on Mar 20, 2017.
Mashhad Host ( has been added on Oct 27, 2008.

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Reza Blvd

RanksAlexa Rating25,333▼-11114 (lower is better)
Domains1,770▲11 (higher is better)
Alexa Rank in IR 397
Alexa Rating41,115▼-11877 (lower is better)
Domains1,850▼-4 (higher is better)
Alexa Rank in IR 990
Languagesfa fa-IR
Infoشرکت برتینا یکی از بزرگترین شرکتهای خدماتی ایران می باشد که بازه گسترده ای از خدمات it و غیر it را به مشتریان ایران و خاورمیانه ارائه می نماید Read full review.Sending and receiving SMS , email hosting services and payment cards and credit cards , and now with more than 10 years of experience working with dozens of state-owned collections, unions, associations of universities and universities and private companies in the field of information technology Read full review.
Established2004October, 2005
Site speedAverage, load 2.4 sec. 36% sites are slower
SEO Links count 322
Average, load 2.2 sec. 41% sites are slower
SEO Links count 177
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Started from: April, 2015
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  • Last written post: Oct 18, 2018
Shared Hosting - 0/2
Plan Name-Basic Plan [Linux]
Price-$ 1.00/mo.
Disk Space-300 MB
Data Transfer-5 TB
Hosted domains- 
Free Domain- 
Control Panel-
Server Location-
Description-INFO (mouse over)Server Specs Provided:XeonOperating System:LinuxWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLPostgreSQLWeb Hosting Server Features:FTP AccountsCron JobsFile ManagerPassword Protect DirectoriesServer Side IncludesFrontpage ExtensionsFront
Date Plan-Oct 2008
Plan Name-Mashhad Hosting [Linux]
Price-$ 4.95/mo.
Disk Space-1 GB
Data Transfer-10 GB
Hosted domains- 
Free Domain- 
Control Panel-
Server Location-
Description-Same as previous plans!
Date Plan-Oct 2008
Supported Operating Systems
  • Linux
List of products
  • Shared Hosting
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