May 25, 2009 - Web Hosting Reviews (Article)

May 25, 2009

The website article title is generic and suggestive for what will come. Some peoples might search by "Web Hosting Review" however they look for such great article, which is vision over the past years in webhosting industry

Web Hosting Reviews - beginning

Back in 2003 when started to research the web hosting market there was just a bunch of websites with top 10 web hosting and website hosting ratings. Basically hosting industry really started to grow and big companies like BlueHost didn't even started.

Overall, the existing webhosting rankings websites where mainly displaying few website providers where they had affiliate links and earn money based on commissions. Unfortunately this type of websites were not presenting the reality to the visitors (prospective customers) but rather fake reviews or fake webhosting top, to signup customers with certain website companies for commissions.

Some other smart hosting brands created their own webhosting review web site and promote them self from there. Google paid advertising for keywords like "web hosting", "web hosting reviews" or "top 10 web hosting" was really cheap compared with the huge "battle" price which is today.

Website hosting review - fast growing

The demand of webhosting kept increasing and so hosting reviews websites started to grow. Many companies started to offer affiliate programs and also since more customers used website services they got to realize about this affiliate thread. In fact providers them self promoted more and more aggressive their affiliate programs, having dedicated affiliate manager to increase the number of sales. (even for domain registration only)

At this point there was still almost no hosting directory out there, but rather only webhosting ratings sites. Most of rookies website ranks didn't even accept customer reviews, they just published some good (possible fake) hosting opinions. started to be the biggest hosting directory on the market and collected real customers reviews. "Against" any marketing rule at that time, kept publishing even bad reviews of the selected top 10 hosting companies, being the single hosting rating website with such a practice. We simple wanted to show the reality directly from the website customers.

Webhosting Reviews - which one to trust

Number of hosting companies increased exponentially and so websites with webhosting rating, therefore today is even more difficult to pick the correct internet website provider based on user reviews. Here are some guides how to look over hosting ratings:

  • Check Google Page Rank - this will show you if the review website is valuable and authority resource. An important review site must have at least PR5 ( is PR6)
  • Check how old is the domain name (when was registered the domain), by looking into whois information. Tool and check "Creation Date:" field of the result ( is from 2004)
  • Look how many pages has the website indexed in Google. Search by "site:hosting-review-site" (where hosting-review-site is the actual hosting review website. Example: ( has over 80.000 pages indexed!)
  • Check for affiliates links. Most of rookies websites today uses CJ (Commission junction) links. In any case, if you see that link to the hosting company is different then hosting company URL (or having some other parameters like affiliateid=ID ..) then more likely is affiliate link
  • See if there are any bad user reviews. There is no hosting company today only with happy customers. If you see only good reviews, then is obvious that the website is fake promoting only good opinions

Hosting Reviews - conclusion

From our experience, about 90% of webhosting review websites today are presenting fake "top 10 web hosting" or "hosting ranks", pushing customers to buy accounts and register domains from brands which pays over affiliate programs the higher commissions. The biggest issue with such websites is that presents only good reviews, instead to publish the bad reviews from unhappy customers, which will show the reality. If you don't know how to pick a correct hosting provider and trust some fake hosting review, you will end up with a possible poor company and bad deal for your money and website offers comprehensive list of web hosting companies with good and bad reviews, also presenting you great hosting coupons and promotions.

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