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On today's market there are a lot of reseller hosting providers and the price which use to be expensive in the past is a lot cheaper now. When choosing your provider analyze several criteria like: datacenter, support (with phone + chat), network uptime, software being customizable for your customers and price.

我们选择市场上最好的 5 计划,因此您可以根据自己的需求决定选择哪一个!
公司Host Gator
hostgator.com 商标
总评价: 40
平均评分: 4 / 10
好评: 19
糟糕的评论: 21
官方回应: 0
InMotion Hosting
inmotionhosting.com 商标
总评价: 44
平均评分: 7 / 10
好评: 31
糟糕的评论: 13
官方回应: 6
a2hosting.com 商标
总评价: 140
平均评分: 9 / 10
好评: 127
糟糕的评论: 13
官方回应: 11
Green Geeks
greengeeks.com 商标
总评价: 108
平均评分: 6 / 10
好评: 64
糟糕的评论: 44
官方回应: 45
Turnkey internet
turnkeyinternet.net 商标
总评价: 11
平均评分: 6 / 10
好评: 7
糟糕的评论: 4
官方回应: 0
价钱$ 19.95/月。 增值税 exc
($ 29.95 后 第一学期)
$ 15.39/月。
($ 29.99 后 第一学期)
$ 9.80/月。
($ 19.99 后 第一学期)
$ 19.95/月。
$ 24.99/月。
计划名称AluminiumR-1000SBronzeRESELLER 10Bronze
磁盘空间60 GB80 GB SSD30 GB SSD无限 SSD20 GB SSD
带宽600 GB800 GB400 GB未计量未计量
支付信用卡/借记卡/预付卡, PayPal信用卡/借记卡/预付卡, PayPal, 支票付款, Money Order信用卡/借记卡/预付卡, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers)信用卡/借记卡/预付卡, PayPal信用卡/借记卡/预付卡, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), 支票付款, Money Order, Bitcoin
Control panelCPanel, WHMCPanel, WHMCPanel, WHMCPanel, WHMCPanel
特征 备用, Green Hosting, Wordpress备用, CDN, 完全管理备用, DNS, CDN, Green Hosting, 网站建设者Green Hosting, Seo Hosting, Wordpress
支持选项电子邮件, 服务台, 电话/免费电话, 在线聊天, 全天候提供电子邮件, 服务台, 电话/免费电话, 在线聊天, 全天候提供电子邮件, 服务台, 电话/免费电话, 在线聊天, 全天候提供电子邮件, 服务台, 电话/免费电话, 在线聊天, 全天候提供电子邮件, 服务台, 电话/免费电话, 在线聊天, 全天候提供
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计划名称产品类别平台磁盘空间传递价钱托管网站 /
免费域名 / IP's
Limitedsinohosting.net经销商托管Linux50 GB250 GBRMB 3,000.00/年。无限 / 0 / 0 4 12月, 2019

关于 Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web HostingReseller hosting is a type of webhosting where in the customer has the ability to use his allocated HDD space, bandwidth and other resources to host websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller purchases the host's services wholesale and then sells them to customers in smaller pieces.

This type is usually meant for peoples or companies offering hosting services, but having the infrastructure and software from another provider. Most software today (like CPanel, Plesk, Hsphere) offers such reseller accounts where all options and logos are customizable, so the end customer don't even know that he's not getting first hand price.

Such plans are also suitable for webmaster, if they want to offer hosted solution for their clients under one account management.

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