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Up until recently, I would say the service has been acceptable. We are a web design hosting company and while many of the above posts were true about minimal customer support arfe true, we had the professional staff here to figure out the maze of their systems. Tonight however, they have lost a customer. Their servers went offline almost three hours ago. Understandably things happen. But what is totally unacceptable is the total lack of communication capability with tech support. SHort of an online ticket submission, there is nothing. Worse, they don't answer the freaking tickets. For three hours our phones have been rining off the hook from angry customers whose sites are offline. And for three hours we haven;t been able to provide an answer to either the problem or the time when they will be back online. We have submitted three tickets. None of which has been answered. They have made us look like total idiots in front of our customers. They have no care or concern about their customers or ours. They post links to facebook and twitter for 'up to the minute' information. Nothing about this issue is posted on either site. Rank ameteur and very unprofessional behavior. I must agree with the posts above. Stay away from this company. They care not about the service - or lack of it they provide.
It is difficult to specifically discuss this particular customer’s comments because when I search for his email address in our system and our helpdes, I am unable to locate him in. Also, this customer fails to provide his full name and the domain name that was hosted at WinHost.

This customer posted on 12/23/10 stating that we had an outage that lasted three hours. However, when I look at our logs we never had an outage that last three hours on or around 12/23/10. We did have two incidents on two separate servers on 12/22/10, however each of those incidents last only 15 minutes so for this gentleman to say he was down 3 hours is a bit of an exaggeration. Furthermore, any type of outage and maintenance is always communicated in the Outage and Maintenance section of the WinHost Community Forum (

This customer goes on to complain that he wasn’t responded to in an appropriate amount of time. Because I cannot look him up, it is difficult for me to verify this. However, I can say that if there was an incident and he was not replied back to quickly, this is probably because our SA’s were fixing the problem. Would this customer rather has us respond to him or fix the issue and get his site up?

Also to say that we “have no care or concern” about our customers is rather extreme and untrue. We care deeply what our customers think. If we didn’t then I would not take the time to respond to this negative review on a third party site. Furthermore, we do have links to our facebook page and twitter profile but, they are NOT for “up to the minute” information, nor do we say anywhere that they are (this customer assumed that they are). This is why we did not post outage information on facebook or twitter. As mentioned, we have an Outage and Maintenance section in our community forum and if customers experience any time of downtime, this is the first place they should look. Customers can respond in our forums as well.

Despite what this user writes, we have thousands of satisfied customers who are pleased with our hosting services as you can see within our testimonials page ( Also, users can visit our community forum ( and read our communications with customers. Unlike other hosts, we do NOT censor our forum. If a customer posts a negative review in our forum then they are welcomed to do so. However, we will reply back to the user with our side of the story, just as I have done here.

Thank you

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