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Used to be incredible... now... not so hot

I've been with Web Intellects for over 7 years now... I have several dedicated linux servers with them where I run a large number of websites and web delivered services.

These guys used to be amazing. Never would a ticket be open longer than five minutes. Never an outage would be undetected for longer than a few moments. Then they moved. I'm not sure if the company was bought out or what happened - but now servers are left offline indefinitely until tickets are posted and even then it can take a very, very, very long time to get resolved.

8th of November we had a 2 hour outage on a dedicated box before anyone there was able to restart the box.

21st November we had an entire dedicated server offline for 6 hours while they waited for someone to press the reset button. I logged multiple tickets, made requests in chat, and even called them. They were fully aware of the issue, they just didn't seem to care about fixing them... they excuse was that they were quite busy (meanwhile hundreds of customers are dead in the water with no email, no e-commerce and no websites)

Today 6th of January we had another dedicated box offline for over 9 hours!! The box went non-responsive for 4 hours before we (not web intellects, who were supposedly monitoring it) detected the outage in the very early hours of Monday, and we had to inform web intellects that our supposedly monitored hardware was dead. They then took an additional 5 hours - basically all day Monday - before they could get someone to press the reset button... What should have been a 5 minute outage in the early hours of Monday morning ended up an entire day of downtime for over a hundred websites including many major ecommerce businesses. The cost to our clients was massive - the official explanation from W.I.? "Oh sorry about the delays, I was busy training staff." -Eric Stopes Support Dept.

I can appreciate that sometimes things go wrong in hosting - but in both of these cases these outages were completely avoidable. They were very simple cases of hardware going unresponsive and needing a restart. Correct monitoring, and onsite staff, which we're supposedly paying for, should have fixed both issues in minutes... instead major (full business day) outages in the space of a couple of weeks are what we're experiencing and these have forced us to leave Web Intellects now. My advice - look elsewhere. The positive reviews below were probably accurate when they were written, but it is no longer the case. A terrible shame.

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