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Simon Keen ( simon.keen@a... )
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The model used by vps.net with switchable nodes etc is good and at first it all looked great. Easy to use etc.

I started hosting a few nodes with them but we are about to go live and I can't risk it any more

Multiple major outages lasting several hours in 3 months when I could not access my machines. No information from them about what was happening.

The first time it was a problem when switching over a router. This time who knows its been at least 2.5 hours so far and still counting.

There is no network status information on the website, no planned maintenance warnings and their website is barely functioning.

For a production system they are too dangerous.

The control panel they provide is grindingly slow at the best of times and often stops completely when things go wrong. This means you can't contact support.

The virtual console access doesn't work half the time and will only work with some browers.

When everything is working, it is fine but that's not that hard to achieve.

FYI my hosting is in 2 separate London clouds. This doesn't help as I can now get to 1 machine in Cloud A and not the one in cloud B or the 2nd one in Cloud A.

I am using bare bones Ubuntu servers that have behaved well. But the infrastructure is not good.

Any recommend somewhere better?

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