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Man does it suck to be leaving VPS.net. They have so much going for them. The prices are good and upgrading is straight forward. Everything is easy to use. Unfortunately, none of that matters if your VPS is down on a weekly basis, sometimes for hours at a time. There are mystery reboots and only excuses while their reliability gets worse and worse. I liked them a lot at first but I'm so tired of having egg on my face in front of my clients.

A particularly bad time I had with them was when one of my VPS's hosting a client's app went down for several hours. I waited around for an eternity for them to get it sorted out. Finally it comes back up and a quick examination makes it look ok. A couple of hours later my client is on the phone, things are broken all over. I check it out and it turns out that they've messed with network settings and the hosts file without telling me. I can understand downtime now and then and I can understand that sometimes something breaks so bad it needs to be restored from backup. Those are nasty situations that unfortunately do happen, especially with inexpensive hosting, but to simply rewrite configuration on other people's servers without even a warning shows a real disregard for their customers.

I have a client with a five node VPS on VPS.net. I will be migrating them away ASAP. I had a 2 node VPS for private stuff as well and just finished moving it. What a waste of time.

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