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Like others on this thread - the company hosting my VPS server in Australia was sold off to Voiden and they gave 1 day notice of migration. I got told there would be no issues at all. This took place on 28.06.2019 at 5pm and our website was then DOWN for 3 days. Being EOFY this is our busiest period for online sales - that last weekend to get orders in for invoicing for this financial year - turns out the idoits didnt even bother to check. the excuse they gave was bogus. The PHP files didnt upgrade - common practice with server migration IS TO CHECK all PHP, Plug Ins etc on the current server, ensure the server it is crossing to is configured correct - THEN transfer. But no - they didnt both to do check. They know NOTHING about the Magento Platforms. So anyone with a MAGENTO Service STAY AWAY. Added to that within a week our website is down YET again and has been for over 24 hours. Took 12 hours to get a response and they have yet to make any more contact than "it has been escalted and they are looking into it" Yet nothing happens and i have no contact from any of the actual people working on it (which i have repeatably asked for). Seeking outside help - they had one of the issues sorted within 15 minutes - now is just there poor server performance blocking access. So why pay them when they have NO IDEA what they are doing. If it was my choice i wouldnt come near them - and have within a fortnight or being migrated to their servers have already found a MUCH better hosting provider and am in process of moving away from these hopeless cases - when they give me access - which has been requested and i have a right to - but they are dragging their feet - big surprise right?

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