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Turnkey internet
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I bought a VPS with them for 1 year on Black Friday. The two months were ok. I use the VPS to sync my files between Dropbox and Google drive. The syncing was going ok until I needed to sync 35GB. I started the sync process at night
and wake up in the morning with them shutting down the server because it is reading and writing to the hard disk at the same time. Which is according to their support is using more than it is assigned to the VPS.

I had the same server with OVH with the same specification and the same setup and I never heard from them about the hard disks ( I have been using OVH servers for two years now ).

When I said ok, I will cancel the server and please refund me the 10 months left ( I already paid for 12 and used 2 ), they said that they do not prorate and thy can't refund me anything since the first 30 days have passed.

I really don't care about the money or their crappy servers but I am amazed how they take the money and feel ok about giving nothing in return.

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