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I’ve tried AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, and this is the least complicated setup ever! I just wanted a VPS spun up with a base OS on it so I could take it from there. There were no hoops to jump through to configure multiple firewalls on the real world IPs, I had instant access to the system! Such a pleasure! Also, the cost was significantly less for the same compute power at the other 3 “major” cloud platforms, and the bandwith was amazing! Of course, there are some questionable companies that will snatch cloud space for shady practices (like sending spam or malware), so if you’re going to run a legitimate mail server, it will take some of your time to get your IP cleared off the blacklists. I was fully capable of doing that myself, but I’m sure their support would have helped had I asked. I really just wanted to have a VPS that I am in complete control over to configure and run, and this was perfect for me! The Ubuntu that was loaded on it was a version behind, but it isn’t hard at all (if you follow instructions on any forum) to upgrade that to the latest.

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