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Site Ground
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Tel +18666052484
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jhon doe ( kakekzz@g... )
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siteground...when your site goes grounded
in my mind i always thought siteground is the best joomla hosting ever..i always wanted to try hosting @ siteground
when i've got the chance to try it with their "Friends Special Hosting" back then i just think "why did'nt i try their friends special first, if they good as i think they were maybe i upgrade it with more fire power" then i pay it just to test their capabilities...n you know what,their hosting is suck they say unlimited but limit my files,unmetered bandwith but limit only 20 process at a time and they gave only one domain..
with all due respect why don't you tell me earlier about the limit,put it on the banner before i go further??
okay,i bear with the limit but then as time goes on i just find out thats there was a lots hidden fees,with modus they offer it for free and then when the time is out they charge it to my CC without a confirmation and when i try to terminate the contract the charge again $14,5 for domain..what the???do you love me so much that you keep on charging me everytime i make my move????=__=a

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