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I am with this provider since 2014 because I was looking for an affordable solution to register a .ge domain as an individual, which is by Georgian law only possible with a registered business ein either Georgia or Armenia. There were 2 options at this time. One was a provider for 250 $ in India or 140$ at Yerevan with I decided for, they registered it pretty fast via the use of their trustee service . I had to pay the trustee service for 2 years. Starting with the 3rd year, the trustee service was considered paid off, and I only had to pay 100$ per year for the domain alone.

Then when renewal was due, I was told that the general price of the .GE domains changed and I only have to pay about 50$ per year for the domain now.

This is one of the rare cases where something i contracted on became significantly cheaper, which is making this a joyful experience.

technical and billing support is always kind, helpful and knowledgeable. So far I tried the support team via chat and email. I didn't try the support via phone yet.

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