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Olm.net provided basic hosting at a basic price, which is why I gave them a 5 on features and cost. Nothing you can't get a million other places. However, the eventual deal-breaker was olm.net's billing system.

Olm.net's billing works this way. The email you an invoice, and you're supposed to print it out, fill it out with your credit card number, and fax it back. Or your could snail mail it with a check. But they would not do automatic recurring billing. They said they weren't "set up for that." Criminey, this isn't 1984, for crying out loud.

Because I started hosting my various sites at different dates, it seemed I was getting some quarterly invoice or the other just about every month. Worse, there's no way to view your balance or your payment transactions online, so I was always wondering if this or that invoice was paid.

So I left and went with a host that does offer recurring billing. I have probably a dozen internet sites, services, subscriptions, etc., and they're all on a recurrent billing basis. That way, I look at ONE credit card statement, and in ten seconds I can tell everything's squared away.

Olm.net uses the Ensim control panel (at least that's what I got), and it was slow and cumbersome, so I give it a point below average.

In sum, olm.net was reliable. I never had outages or performance issues, but my sites were small, static, and low-traffic. In any case, I didn't want to move, but I couldn't handle their primitive billing system.

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