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I can't even think as to why I hosted with them in the first place.

Now I just get harassed by phone calls and junk post.

Thanks a bunch for selling my details.
Our database has not been stolen, this is spam.

Further more on this, we have posted this message on the forums this spammer has made ->

Okay Sir,

Firstly you need to stop spaming the same message all over the internet:


Firstly, If you read our privacy and TOS, you would know we would be violating our own terms by selling your information to a 3rd party. The only way we would give out your information to a third party would be a warrant from authorities.

Secondly, we have no plans that are 25$, and we have not had any problems "upgrading" or any server problems that would stop us from creating your account.

Thirdly, if you were telling the truth about paypal you would know that paypal clearly states -> "You can open a dispute in the Resolution Center within 45 calendar days of payment. By opening a dispute, you are able to communicate directly with your seller to work out a problem transaction."

Fourth, we can tell you are lying because you spammed 4 times here ->
with 4 different IP's probably using proxies, and using emails such as ""

Fifth -> if you had a problem with not getting your hosting, and you are telling the truth you could just contact us and we would have given you a full refund.
Sixth -> I am not 15 years old, i am way above the "legal age"
Seventh -> What proof do you have that we sold your information? Why are you assuming we did so?

I suggest that you please stop making false accusations, before we actually do take legal action against you.

We have never sold any client information to 3rd parties and will never.
We have also never been hacked =)

Marketing representative (, ).

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