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Pete ( selecthosting@y... )
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Well i have to agree with the statements here, they are Worst then ever!
The first month everything was going smooth, no problem at all but once this first month
was past gosh... the problems started, there uptime Duhh big joke, my site was at least 3 times off line p/week. So because of that i lost quite some customers and the rest of them i've send them to an other hosting company trough reseller program, at least i make a little on these people. ok but the down time of server was not all of it, nope it become worst, i lost 3 +- $600 dollar websites. i asked for the backup ofcourse seems like they could not find any, Duhh Well be DA**, they just vanish? pretty strange from my point of view. as this was all, well just forget it, 3 month ago i down grade my account to the mini reseller... ok ok i have mini but still be billed for a mega account i send out a couple of mails but so far no action is been taken. ok now one of my accounts is hacked, and be used for bank phishing. so this account is suspended. Gosh...... I'AM tired of it I'm out the here......... Please for the smart once spend your Dollars on Some other hosting company, as they say you get where you pay for. let it be a lessen for all of us out there and learn from the mistakes we made.

greeting From Belgium Pete.

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